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SkyDroner 500

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SkyDroner 500 is designed for urban installation with a detection range of up to 500m.  It is ideal in providing total building surveillance in a city environment. SkyDroner 500 can be deployed at the rooftop to provide 24 hours monitoring of surrounding drone activities.

SkyDroner 1000

SkyDroner 1000 has an effective detection range up to 1000m.  It is designed to perform long range surveillance of drone activities in a desert environment.  The system is built to meet IP65 standard and operated up to 60 degrees with minimum maintenance.

SkyDroner Central Control Unit

  • To alert officer of approaching drone
  • To indicate progressive distance of the anonymous drone
  • To provide video footage for easy verification
  • To identify and indicate type of drone
  • To record date/time of an event
  • To generate incident report